Who are we?

We are a national analytical service dedicated to high quality measurements of phytoplankton pigments.

In parallel, we work on:

  - a research and development activity focused on methodology and data interpretation.

  - a database of vertical profiles of phytoplankton pigment concentrations across the global ocean.

  - training of technical staff applied to pigment analysis and data interpretation.

  - HPLC intercomparaison exercises.


For a good functioning of the service, the SAPIGH platform is autofinanced.


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Formation HPLC et pigments
There are no translations available.Formation : Analyses de pigments phytoplanct
Projet Green Edge
There are no translations available.Camp de glace dans l'Arctique Canadien entre

Recent projects

The KEOPS2 cruise
Mustapha Ouhssain has returned from the  KEOPS2 cruise aboard the Marion Dufresne  
The first french intercomparaison exercise: FIPIGH
We will begin the first french intercomparison exercise this coming winter.
TARA expedition
TARA OCEANS The SAPIGH platform regularly receives pigment samples following the different stopover
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