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The mission of the SAPIGH project has five objectives:

    * To offer a service at a national and international level. Clients can be research laboratories from the public or private sectors.

    * A research and development activity is carried out around the methodology and data interpretation.

    * This project aims at feeding a global HPLC phytoplankton pigment database which assembles vertical profiles of different major pigments at a planetary scale.

    * We propose staff training courses focussed on the analytical technique and on data interpretation.

    * The LOV regularly participates in HPLC intercomparison exercises. This is an important aspect for maintaining good analytical quality and performance. Furthermore they allow us to constantly question and improve our methodology.

The SAPIGH platform is auto-financed. This implies a fee for the analysis of samples that ensures the replacement of consumables, maintenance of the instrumentation, wear and tear, calibration etc....

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