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This analytical platform is available for the scientific community. This implies a simple procedure to follow:

- Applications should be sent by email to Celine Dimier and Josephine Ras.

- We will respond on the possiblity of carrying out your analyses and give the delay for the results. The analytical schedule is determined 3 months in advance. According to the laboratory and associated project, samples will be classed "priority" or not.

- A quotation will be made for the work to be done

- You must then send us a purchase order and the frozen samples to be analysed (in carbo-ice or liquid nitrogen, according to agreement with us)


- When the analyses have been done and the results validated and submitted, we will send you a bill.


The results:

The results, in the form of an Excel file, comprise the concentrations, in mg.m-3, of the different pigments in each sample.This same file also contains the environmental (coordinates, site, date, time, etc...) and analytical (filtered volumes, observations etc...) information. The undetected pigments are represented by the term "LOD". On another sheet named "Readme", we give an explanation of the titles, a summary of the analytical performance and the limits of detection associated to each pigment.

We remain available for any further question concerning the results.

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