The quality of the results begins with a careful and meticulous work at sea.

Our extraction protocole is optimal for 25mm diameter GF/F Whatman filters. the filtered voumes should be adapted to the charge in particles of the sampled water. Indeed, it is important to avoid blocking the filter by trying to filter too much water (filtration time too long therefore risk of modifying the pigments); however in oligotrophic waters one must filter enough water so as to have a filter that is sufficiently "clogged" with particles.

  Generaly a maximum volume of 2L is sufffficient in oligotrophic waters and allows us to satisfy the method's sensitivity criteria.

We are careful to filter rapidely after sampling and never under direct light.

The sampled are immerged into liquid nitrogen as soon as the filtration is terminated.

All the precious information relative to the sampling (coordinates, CTD number, Niskin bottle number, depths, dates and UTC and local times  et even the weather or particular event) and to the filtration (filtered volumes, problems encountered, sample code, colour code etc...) are carefully entered into the sampling logbook.

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